HELP! Zoysia Tenufolia (Korean Velvet Grass)

Alyss(Z 10 CA Coast)October 23, 2005

FYI: I'm in coastal So. Cal, near Laguna Beach.....

I purchased a large amount of Zoysia tenuifolia (Korean Velvet Grass) sod this summer and last. Last year, almost none of it survived the winter rains. It went "dormant", got taken over by weeds and moss, and never recovered. I had to rip it all out and replace it.

I don't want the same thing to happen this winter, but I have been unable to find specific care instructions on Southland Sod's website or on the internet. It has been too warm here for dormancy so far(coolest: 60F), and it already has a bunch of dead, brown patches. I have no idea what is wrong....Fungus? Bugs? Over-watering? Under wAtering? WHO KNOWS? (Hopefully you guys!)

Any tips or info on care instructions, including fertilization strength and schedules, potential pest problems and troubleshooting information would be very, very much appreciated!!!

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Try one of the hybrids like Emerald Zoysia. Do not use one of the drought tolerant varieties. I assume you have decent drainage. Although zoysia is somewhat shade tolerant, are you getting enough sun? Spread whole ground corn meal (feed store for about $6 bag) at 2 or 3 lbs per 100 square feet and water in to prevent most turf fungus problems. Apply beneficial nematodes if grubs are present. Are you mowing?

Under watering in evident when the grass appears grayish green and stays down after walking on it. Buy yourself a pair of the blue-blocking sunglasses. These make dry spots stand out like crazy.

Forget the fertilizer until you have seen some growth unless you are on some really bad soils. Use soil stimulators like Medina Plus or organic lawn starters.

Good luck!

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Mission Viejo CA:

I have a large area of Korean grass, which I installed as sod over three years ago and when it is green and healthy it is beautiful. However, I continue to get brown spots, some grow to very large areas. I have treated in the past for Grub problems and have used commercial fungicides with some success. I read the suggestion regarding "Cornmeal" for fungus and I am interested in trying this for the brown spots, question, and not a joke. Is there a possibility that I might end up with a stand of corn in my lawn? I have struggled with this lawn since installing and have done everything and I think of except beat it with a stick to control these brown spots which show up late spring and summer so any help with be appreciated!

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