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inkognitoOctober 19, 2007

Reading through the archives of this forum it seems that Japanese gardens merit particular attention. If you look we have been told that this is not religious, which is not the point of my post anyway to prove that it is. My point is: what then explains it? In America gardening is done by immigrants and those unable to find a proper job so how is a Japanese garden special.

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Not of interest obviously.

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bahia(SF Bay Area)

I suspect that it is more that you have intentionally tried to be provacative to get a response... As in, American gardeners are all immigrants that can't get other work?

Bring abit more to the table, Tony, and start with something more intelligent as a basis of converstation. At the most obvious, Japanese gardens are a stylistic preference that resonates with people who prefer a more naturalistic style while also enjoying the manipulation of nature and the abstraction of nature inherent in the style. They also express cultural pride in places like California where the Japanese were at one time a major ethnic group, now much less so.

Japanese gardens may also be more interesting to gardeners who like following traditions and researching the meaning of elements and techniques to create something traditional. Much akin to classical music or opera, which have distinctive forms and set patterns to be considered as such, but still allow much personal creativity to come up with new music.

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Totally correct David, and if I provoked this response and the one on the other thread I seem to be successful wouldn't you say? Because yours is the the most intelligent input on this subject that has appeared here for a while. Incidentally I hope that the recent fires have not reached you, in truth I wish that they had not reached anyone.

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bahia(SF Bay Area)

No major fires here this October in the SF Bay Area, although we are having the same weather patterns with hot compressed air flowing in from Utah and Nevada here as well. What has helped tremendously here is that we have actually gotten substantial early winter rains already, which has minimized the fire danger. Southern California has hardy had any rain for over year, and as a result is bone dry and a powder keg.

Rather amazing to see the numbers; over 500,000 people evacuated in San Diego County alone, and multiple fires raging throughout the coastal mountains of southern California. Maybe one day we will face the real question; should people even be living in the canyons and mountains when it is impossible to prevent these sorts of fires from raging out of control. This winter these areas will then be subject to massive landslides and mudflows if we get normal rains. Living in much of southern California has always been about beauty and danger, and the fragility of man's structures in an environment that is meant to burn regularly.

Glad to see you didn't take offense at my criticism of your posting, I know you can do more than provoke people. It would appear that the Garden Web forums have fallen into hard times, there are only a few forums that have much going on anymore, pity that...

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yama(7b Ga)

Hi Inky
Cold weather of Canada slow you down yet?
Yoga have been chenged since yoga came to US and well as bonsai Japanese flower arrengement. Japanese have been chenged too.
Now I found that even Chinese can't buddhism sutra even written in Chinese. No wonder why Japanese lost intrest in Buddhism and can't read sutras. School teacher who teach Japanese garden probably never read sutra of pureland buddism or zen but he still is teaching relationship between zen, pureland Buddhism and Japanese garden.So does top Japanese landscape architects.

Peolpes who has christianty back ground have difficult time to understand buddhism and do not spend time to find simple histrical facts.( Japanese who don'y have christiany back ground and suporse to be Buddhist as well).
Past 5 years I acumilated many Buddhism related books and collected many sutras and now slowly studying sanskrit.

I have sent some books to few peoples you probaly know for long time like Edzard, nacho dady, June , cady and some friend in England. I thought about you too , but lost your address and you are not giving me your contact adress.

You have been posted intresting subjects but din't joined my self. I was bussy and had many obstcles, now my mother asking me come home. Contact cady again for your e-mail adress phone number( or mine). Some time( many time) easer for me to talk than write.

Take good care of your self.
Your freind mike y.

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