Fragrant Bouquet Family aka Holy Mole we got Guacamole

paul_in_mn(4b)June 11, 2012

We have Paul Aden to thank for Fragrant Bouquet (Fascination x Fragrant Summer) and its ensuing fragrant sports and hybrids. 30 years (1982) since it was registered.

Fragrant Bouquet

Sweet Innocence - Fragrant Bouquet sport

Guacamole - Fragrant Bouquet sport

Holy Mole - Guacamole sport

Stained Glass - Guacamole sport (2011 pic)

Cathedral Windows - Stained Glass sport

Thanks for looking. Please add your pics from the Fragrant Bouquet Family.


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Steve Massachusetts Zone 5b

Interestingly enough the Registry lists the parentage as Fascination x H. Summer Fragrance (not Fragrant Summer). Summer Fragrance goes back to Plantaginea.

Here's H. Fascination, the mama plant of Fragrant Bouquet.


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Ah yes!! One of my favorite extended families!
I have one that looks a lot like them, but not sure it is part of the family.....Emerald Charger.....and I'll tack its photo onto the bottom. Hold on to your hat, I have 11 of them

Fragrant Bouquet

Fragrant Dream

Guacamole , and The Shining (Cathedral Windows sport)

Sweet Innocence, very recent addition

Avocado was a bonus plant, perfect choice for me

Fried Bananas, one of my favorites

Fried Green Tomatoes

Holy Mole, another bonus plant and I am pleased with it too

Stained Glass

The Shining (Cathedral Windows sport)

Fragrant King

And here is the Emerald Charger, which I got from Bob Solberg. For some reason, I feel it looks a lot like some of this family....but cannot find at this moment what I read about it. Anyway, hope Steve_Mass sees it for his question about Cathedral Windows....

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Called 'So Sweet', part of the FB family and another Aden plant, it too is fragrant.

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dublinbay z6 (KS)

I'm really enjoying these "family" pics--especially when they include Cathedral Windows--which I just finished planting about 15 minutes ago. It came wrapped in wet newspaper, not many roots, but healthy growth on top--so I'm glad to hear it is a good, strong grower. I've got it shaded for a couple days here while it settles in. Can't wait to see it big and brawny like in these pictures here.


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jan_on zone 5b

I think my only members of this family are Guacamole and Stained Glass. My Guac took a hit with that late frost and is looking bit tough.

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Steve Massachusetts Zone 5b


Emerald Charger is a sport of Stained Glass introduced by Mark Zillis in 2010. You should send your picture to the Library. The only Library pic is of a much smaller plant than yours.


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