Could this be HVX?

landlady(USDA 8 or 9)June 17, 2012

I wonder if any of you think I should be worried about this Remember Me that I got from Bluestone Perennials last week. I am still new enough to Hostas that I didn't think to ask them about testing for HVX. I have, however, sent them the same picture I am uploading here, but I will get a quicker response from you than from emailing them.

Let me know if you need another better picture.

Thank you

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ogrefcf(5-6 UT)

Nope. Weather or some other related damage.

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Pieter zone 7/8 B.C.

I'm with Owen, weather, roots, insect?


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landlady(USDA 8 or 9)

Oh thank you both !!!

I can deal with damage (heck I host a world class population of brown snails here), but I hate it when I am not vigilant (as in not asking about HVX testing).


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You may want to spend some time familiarizing yourself with what HVX looks like. Ink Bleed and Tissue Collapse are the 2 main symptoms. This is neither.

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landlady(USDA 8 or 9)

Good idea, Melissa, although I would much prefer not to see the real thing. I guess I wasn't sure whether the thinness of that damaged part of the leaf could be considered "tissue collapse". Guess not. I'm glad.

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kalija(6 WNY)

I recently ordered from Bluestone. On their website they say their hosta are from sources who verify they are free from hvx. Hopefully they are safe!

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Bluestone here: Wow, you guys are fast! That is not Virus X - it is most likely some frost damage from a late frost we had here. Although we have never seen Virus X here, as a pro-active precaution we have stopped propagating our own Hosta, and instead purchase starts from tested-virus-X-free sources.

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Eleven(Metro Detroit 6A)

It's good to hear about Bluestone's steps against HVX. I ordered 10 hostas from them in 2009 when I was just getting into hostas. So far, they all look disease free, unlike a couple I got elsewhere. I haven't been disappointed except for the known slow growers (Big Daddy, anyone?) and August Moon that turned into a noid with a green margin.

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landlady(USDA 8 or 9)

Bluestone is totally off the hook. It was my ignorance of what HVX might/could look like that caused me to post my query here. As soon as I was assured that the damage to the leaf in question was not HVX, I emailed Bluestone a second time and assured them that I was NOT worried about the plant.

Now I am doubly reassured and am glad to know about their policies, which I am sure I should have known already....but simply didn't.

I will order from them again....and with confidence.

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