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skyridgegarden(z5 MO)October 3, 2005

Recently I was at the Japanse Garden in Montreal. Out front they had a mini forest of trees. Can anyone tell me what is the best trees to use for this effect in Z5?

This may be well over my pruning skills, but I would like to try anyway. Also I am sure there is a better name than mini forest, so if someone can correct me please do.


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Doesn't the Montreal JGarden have a collection of Bonsai and Penjing? -- could this be what you mean?

The Japanese term Yose-Uye is used to describe a (bonsai) Forest or Group planting.. am not sure of the specific Chinese word used to describe 'Forest style Penjing' :)

Junipers, trident maples and elms generally yield the quickest results -- while pines in a group planting can look magnificent, they also require more skill to establish the basic form (trunkline/taper/alternate branching/short internodes etc


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skyridgegarden(z5 MO)

The Yose-Uye was located outside the Bonsai collection. They were planted in the ground, not in a pot. They were pruned like Bonsai.

Is there anything written that may help me develop this look?


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Ahh, I see :) -- well, similar styling guidelines would apply in that case. There's a small book I'd recommend: Forest, Rock Planting & Ezo Spruce Bonsai by Saburo Kato. It's published by The National Foundation, Inc (Washington DC).. and is distributed through Stone Lantern Publishing.

The library may also be a good place to start, as you can read many bonsai books and study the principles/aims of pruning in general, as well as how all this relates to Forest plantings

There are also a few bonsai forums on the net ( IBC and Bonsai Talk) including the one here on GW


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jack_san_diego(Z9 CA)

I like the Ginkgo biloba in a grove. It gives you a change of seasons which is hard to find in Southern California. They are easy to care for and are beautiful in the afternoon breeze.
This grove I have had for 18 years.

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Jack -- Have you tried tridents (Acer buergerianum ) for fall color in SoCal ? They may perform as well as the Ginkgos..

I recently moved up north to (sub-tropical) Brisbane, from cold Melbourne, and the trident cuttings I brought up with me show a lot of promise for the brief autumn/mild winter in this this warmer climate. This pic was taken in Brisbane last autmn


Here is a link that might be useful:

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botann(z8 SEof Seattle)

Do you mean something like this? It gradually fades back to a larger forest.

Here is a link that might be useful: Sort of a mini forest

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This is a photo of my minature landscape of larch in there autimn colours,just copy and post this link.

Here is a link that might be useful: George's Japanese Garden

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