Japanese maple leaf not growing well

sdraza1October 5, 2013

I bought this plant almost 4 months ago but since then it is not showing any new growth rather older leaves are slowly dying. I want this plant to grow and be alive when next spring starts. Thanks for the help.

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MrMiagi48386(z4 usa mich)

Is it possible that the soil is too alkaline in the spot where you planted your maple. The brick wall and it's foundation might be causing your problem especially if it's new construction.
It's my experience that J. Maples can be quite finicky, at least for me. I've had them grow well for 20 or 30 years or die the first year of planting. 'Bloodgood' has grown well for me but the large one
in front of my house, about 30 years old, was damaged by a late frost in spring 2012, and still looks terrible. Wondering if it's going to make it 2013 winter. If your plant doesn't survive, don't
give up, get another one. Stay away from reduced price plants.
The nursery seller may know something you don't. If you replant
in the same spot, mix a bit of agri-sulfur to the soil. Good luck.


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gardens1(5b ON)

Just a thought here, but it looks to me like your JM is planted within about 18 of foundation wall. This will severely limit how much rain it gets. Have you been supplemental watering much? With the brick wall behind this tree, it will have a great deal of heat reflected back at it, leading to greatly increased rates of transpiration. The leaf edges look scorched. If it gets much direct sun, particularly with the brick wall behind it, and a limited root mass, this tree is going to transpire water faster than its roots can intake it. Also, the first while planted, it is growing its roots, not the top. The two whitish looking twigs at the top are dead. The soil near your foundation wall looks dry. If so, I would advise you to give this planting a thorough watering, and make sure it goes into winter dormancy with moist soil. Good luck.

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It may be because of strong direct light and little moisture which make leaves burnt especially in leaves' tips.
I have experienced the same trouble.

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