Mystery Iris disease

verdant_ladyApril 15, 2010


I seem to have a problem with my heirloom irises. I don't know if it is a virus or what, but it affects only the flowers, making them small with no area to the petals. The leaves and rhizomes are fine. I've never seen anything like it. All blooms on a fan are this way and so far it has appeared in two different varieties. It isn't widespread. So far I have only three affected plants, but these are widely separated and I am very concerned. Has anyone got a clue as to what this might be and how I might combat it?

Here is a link to a photo:

Any help would be appreciated. Thank you.


Here is a link that might be useful: Iris disease?

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iris_gal(z9 CA)

The link takes me to a listing of links. No picture.

From what you describe is sounds like RoundUp. Maybe some drifted from being sprayed elsewhere. If that is the cause they will fine next year as long as no more RoundUp is used in the vicinity.

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This photobucket link may work better.

Interesting that it might be RoundUp. I do use it carefully and sparingly to edge my beds. However, one affected plant is in the middle of the clump nowhere near an edge. Still, anything is possible.

Here is a link that might be useful:

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hosenemesis(SoCal Sunset 19 USDA 8b)

That looks like round-up to me. It's amazing how little it takes to affect an iris.

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I agree. Round up damage...I know that look really well. You will be glad to know that if the plant blooms next year, it will be completely normal.
Two years ago I had a farmer hit my iris bed, our garden and several other areas in my yard. Wind was blowing in our direction when he spayed his field. It was horrible, my blooms that year was really sad. Last year I didn't get much bloom out of that bed.
But this year, WOW it has so many bloom-stalks already. and the best part if the farmer PLOWED this year instead of using harmful chemicals!!!

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