I love tomatoes

cliver mcguiverAugust 5, 2012

Hello fellow gardeners. Its been awhile since Ive been here.

I was solar gardening a couple of years ago, with excellent results.

I had 12 sq. ft. of solar panels running an inverter, to power the main pump, and a timer and air stones.

On cloudy days I could only run the circ-pump for 2 days on a full charge, I run the back up battery charger.

Now I bought a house and have a grow room in the basement. I have gotten a crop of tomatoes off and they were incredibly tasty. I have 2 400wt MH and have 2 - 400wt HPS.

Last crop was 2 beef steak tomatoes 2 roma tomatoes.

3 Cayenne peppers and 2 green bell peppers.

This was on a 25 Lt. pail of solution (quick grow).

This time, it is 2 tomato plants, on 25 Lt. of solutions.

Because of the size of the solution container, the good stuff was all sucked up by the tomatoes, but the bell peppers were the greenest green I have seen (not much fruit).

The biggest problem besides the solution getting exhausted, would have to be, trying to keep the nutrients in the proper balance. I have a few meters that I use to test boiler chemistry, so I can run additives in the system.

They are a TDS/EC/Temp and a digital PH meter.

I have the Quick Grow 3 part system and it is not affected by adding H2O2 to the solution. I intend to run 3 % / Lt. of a 3 % solution (food grade 30 % mix 1 to 10). I will add 75ml. of the 3 % solution with a change to 25 Lt. I will add 25% / day to make up for loss.

Does any one, have any ideas, on balancing the micro and macro elements with the N-P-K.

Better living through chemistry had a totally different meaning in the 70-s

I love tomatoes.

Here is a link that might be useful: Clives hydro

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Nice plants!

It's a lot easier to just change out the reservoir every week or two than to worry about which particular nutrients the plants are using. The TDS meter won't tell you that anyway. If your fertilizer program is a complete one, you should be fine.

Meters are great, but as you probably know, they require frequent calibration. You have to buy the little solutions and do the re-cal procedure every month or so, especially for the ph meters, or else an inaccurate meter can easily lead you to disaster.

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cliver mcguiver

I have all the calibration solutions. I have found that the TDS will drop very fast the first 3 days. and PH has to be adjusted every day. I adjust the PH when I add water each morning adjusted to PH 4 that makes 6.2 water go to 5.8 approx: This time I will have less trouble with less plants on a pail.

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