Climbing Hydrangea Wilting

Gervasi2806July 9, 2013

I have two climbing hydrangeas planted on either side of the front door of a north-facing house. They have been healthy for 5-6 years. Suddenly, this morning I noticed about a quarter of the leaves on one hydrangea were wilting. This afternoon, they were all wilting. Other hydrangeas, which usually signal need for water before any other plant, are not wilting. No evidence of spots or powdery mildew. Any ideas?

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IanW Zone 5 Ont. Can.

Sounds like something is going on in the root or stems.... First thing I would do is look for a borer that may have attacked the vine or any other mechanical damage to the stems below the wilted leaves......

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Dig down around the plant, if all the foliage is wilting there is a problem with the roots, maybe you have a gopher! Unless of course a weed whacker took out the stem. Al

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After 5-6 years of growth, it may just need more water than before and you may need to water a larger area.

If you find no problems (gopher's, borers', etc), just give it more water. Its root system is more extensive than a regular hydrangea's so you need to water areas away from the vicinity of the plant too.

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