Name that nutrient deficiency

DocSkyAugust 3, 2012

I have having some trouble with a pepper plant in a DWC setup. The roots are growing in nicely and have started replacing the ones that were in soil with new healthy looking white ones. However, the growth seems really slow even for peppers and I am still getting some burnt ends. The nutrients I am using cover everything except Mag, Cal, and Sulfur but I have tried my best to add what I can find for now. This is more of a test plant so I'm not going all out but I hope someone can point out what I am missing or not getting right.

The roots were a lot cleaner white but I added some fish emulsion and a day later it got over 105 out and they turned brown. I changed the nutrients after and new white ones are replacing them.

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And while we are at it, another pepper plant in soil. This one has been this way for weeks without any growth.

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The first picture is probably too strong a nutrient solution.
the last picture looks like magnesium or iron deficiency.

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I added some iron and mag to the second in the hopes to save it. I drained over half of the hydro solution and added fresh water. Thank you for the help.

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if you are using a general plant food, which will work if it has the micro's, you will need to add epsom salts about 1/4 tsp per gal of nutrient and calcium nitrate, amount based on how much nitrogen the fertilizer has in it already. this will take care of the Ca, Mg ,and S. if the micro's are not chelated the ph will have to be maintained also.

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