Out the Back Window

JonJune 14, 2014

Panorama, #1 from the left



Island Charm

Albo Marginata

Dream Queen

#2 Sum & Substance

#1 Great Expectations

Fragrant Bouquet border

Sagae. Must mean OMG in Japanese

#2 Great Expectations


Night before Christmas; when all through the house, hostaphiles were drooling....

Paul's Glory. Amen.

Blue Mouse Ears...hmmmm.

Imposing collection; Sieboldiana at each end, S&S in the middle and Minuteman on the outer row providing defense.

Whirlwind escorts for the Empress Wu

Another view of the Front Line

Ancient NOIDS with Whirlwinds lining the path.

Full frontal with Japanese Maple way in the back

The End
Hope you enjoyed the walk and me washing all that tree debris off the leaves.


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josephines123 z5 ON Canada

That walk was immensely satisfying. Like the play on the word immense? Amazing hostas, Jon - very beautiful. You are very fortunate indeed to have such a beautiful property - the openness/expanse is sooo conducive to hosta growing. Lucky, lucky you. I'm done drooling for now...till you hit us with more amazing pics. Lol
Thanks for the Ooohm effect - it's lasting. :-)


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harryshoe zone6 eastern Pennsylvania

Nice! That's a perfect setting to grow some fine hosta. You are well on your way.

Thanks for the tour.

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I envy you getting to create these new gardens.


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irawon(5a Ottawa)

Nice to see that all your hard work is paying off!

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Nice. And sweaty ; )

Don B.

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Thanks everyone. It will be a while before I fill up all the area I want to.

I have one big hill, at the top where I just put in T-Rex, Blue Umbrellas and Big Daddy. I just have couple of big hosta on the slope. I think I'm going to kind of terrace it a little and eliminate the pain of mowing up and down and in between what's there. Violate my mantra of giving lots of room and fill it completely and make it maintenance free.

Maybe three big hosta 'curved retaining walls' and fill in between with some of the many hosta seedlings that keep popping up.


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JonnyB, on a rainy day to look out and see such a sight has to be uplifting. You are planning well.

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Wow! How large are your grounds?? Very nice collection.


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Thanks Moc, I have a couple of unplanned spots that you won't see until I fix them up.

DD, Half acre house lot and ~ 1/2 acre corner lot that I spill over a little into. The land in the background of many of my shots is my lot and often times the neighbors' yards which make it look bigger than it actually is. Perhaps I shouldn't spoil the illusion.


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