Japanese garden class.

yama(7b Ga)November 24, 2006

Hi All

I am just wondering how far do you travel to the Japanese Garden class if any ?

How much you are willing to spend ?

What topic the class should cover ? Or what you like to to know about Japanese gareden?

Garden design fundermental. how to prune, how to maintain, how to make own tools , how to make bamboo fence. working with bamboo. how to transplant trees shurbs, bamboo.

how to handle large boulder in difiicult place or jst any place without disturbing surrending area/exsisting trees ,plants.

Duration of hours ? 2 hours, 3 hours Half of day? or full day? or few days

What time of season you are going to attend class ?

week day , night hour/ after work or week end?

What topic attract you to attednd the class ?

What you could not lean from book ?

what you couldn't learn from the class you took before?

Is there any public or private organization which have Japanese garden and want to invite a master gardener to train thire stuff/empoyee ? or class for general public for the garden ?

Do you know any garden may intrested to invide expert ?


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Mike, this is not going to happen. It is not a viable proposition, as they say. Japanese gardening is not mainstream so you are appealing to a small number of people in the first place. The only 'in' that exists (JOJG) think that you are a 'holedigger' for a reason that escapes me, and there you have a powerful enemy. What are you left with? Your posts over the past week have not set you up as someone with knowledge, but someone struggling with a passion. The friendly talk about Japanese gardens that was once here, talk with those who share your passion has been swallowed by commercialism.

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yama(7b Ga)

Hi Inky
Thank you for your thought.
Past few years, I read that people looking for information or want to know how to prune pine tree, how to make sand rake, how to handle large boulder without heavey equipment, root prune/transplanting , knots etc.
It is hard to explain only in writing. Even some of good book don't show everything people want to know.

It is not bother me that how other people have their different opion. I don't care what JOJG said about me either. If some one can't use, don't use own name and express his opinin under some one's name or fake name, what is his/her value of opinion ?
I want to help others who need to know fact and how to. I can show then Where Informations are come from, who wrote the informations and tell or show my own experience.

Inky , Life is good and I have good life and have many good friends ^^. where we are, we have big space to live togather ,co exist with even people don't alway agreed on opnions. What I am trying are haveing two main reasons. One is my relegion. Buddhism teach/ tell us "Do good for others"
Since I am Japanese and good at what I am doing( gardening) I can serve to other peoples who need me. Beside helping other is helping me too.
Many people no longer post on GW Jgarden forum and you know why.

Is it ok to drive people away? Aren't you mad( pixxed). what happened to those who want to know about Japanese garden ?. They don't get much information any more . Sad isn't it ?
I want to bring back good peoples, knowlegble peoples and give life back to Jgarden forum. Plese help me out.

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Mike: I am glad you didn't find my post offensive, it was not my intention. Writing on any of these forums requires an investment of time and if that investment pays off with a discussion where everyone is contributing and learning then I would call that a result. If, on the other hand those good intentions are maliciously turned into vinegar by people who offer nothing in return then obviously there will be a withdrawal. Remember that the same people who shut this forum down did it on another forum too so you have to realise the seriousness of their intent. If you would like to talk about this further get my e-mail address from cady.

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yama(7b Ga)

Hi Inky
Thanks and I understand. I found your home address you gave me while ago.
I will ask Cady your e mail address.

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kobold(Vancouver BC)

Mike, you ask a lot of questions, I can give you answer only from my point.

I would have done differently my garden if I knew more about Japanese gardens 25 years ago or if I would stay in this house forever, I mean until I die.

Very few people are so perfectionist regarding Japanese gardens, as you are. I appreciate everything you post here because I learn from it. Not nececeraly can I follow the advise.

I can't create a "Japanese garden", only something what has many features of a Japanese garden. I don't feel if something is not correct the way I've done it or as I tried to copy from a book. I realised it when I've seen a small, crowded garden on a very difficult location built by a Japanese man for himself. It was perfect, peaceful, everything I wanted to accomplish. He had "only" one lantern made from rocks put together, it wasn't the lantern what made his garden authentic, but every rock, moss, plants HOW IT WAS PUT THERE. I can't have that knowledge from books or classes.

But get back to your questions. I would attend a class locally ( I live in a big city), few hours or half day even for a week. I wouldn't attend classes what are for professional gardeners or their staff.
I would be interested in design, pruning, different fences, working with bamboo, using rocks, placing rocks with plants, wider selection on plants.

I don't have the space, resources and 20-30 more years to create a perfect Japanese garden. But still like to read about it, collect more and more books about it just to enjoy them.
I was very tempted to order a book from Amazon, The Modern Japanese Garden from Shunmyo Masuno, just to see what is the difference between the traditional and modern design other than size, but was too expensive from the Canadian Amazon.


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yama(7b Ga)

Thank you.
Many peoples want to learn Japanese gardening. If they see it how to do it,most things are simple easy and they can do it.Gardening is not rocket science. Books don't tell/show every thing. if students can ask in person,He /she will pick up lean quickly. Some thing like pruning, you have to repeat practice and take time to lean.
I have attended Japanese garden class my self to see how to conduct class. Some class showed many slides/ photos but when peoples want to know how to do it, slides or photos are no good.

I have posted in New England Gardening as "Japanse gardening class " within a day, I had good responce and I appreciate those who responded to my post.

years ago, I tought how to make bamboo fence to Cady, Christian and Richard . I showed then how to identify age of bamboo, how to cut bamboo, showed then how to split bamboo, teach then how to make knots, Stared 9:00 AM when we finished two section of bamboo fence it was getting dark. I also showed then how to make kapo sake. cut bamboo and pour sake into bamboo and warm it side of fire. Sake have aroma of bamboo , it is good treat when work cold day.

If they see only slides and photos,I am not for sure that they can remember things few days later. Christian made bamboo fence by him self shortly after the class.

I have some ideas that what things peoples want to know. I just make it sure that I offer things people want to know/learn.
I am going to move to New England,near Boston, MA next spring. After I settle, find place to teach Japanese gardening. You are well come to visit us. house is small but you can have fresh eggs of chiken, duacks every day and you don't have to bring alarm clock. rooster will wake you up ^^ .
Thanks again . mike

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kobold(Vancouver BC)

Thank you for the invitation! You never know, one day I might show up and attend your class.

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Mike - I would go ANYWHERE for a good class on aesthetic pruning!!
Good luck....................Melanie

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yama(7b Ga)

I used to take off one of sock in kichen ,other is in living room. My garand mother said "kichin is not place for boy" Now I am born again man. I am collecting recipe and like to cook some thing new. I do laundry, learned how to saw( small stuff). I am ready when you are. ^^

Most gardening technic of Japanese gardening can be very usefull for New England gardening or else where. It is just another way to do gardening. Another way to enjoy and celebrate our life.
Cady and I working togather to make it happen.


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Hello Yama
I would like to take a Japanese Gardening class that taught
design theory, why are we doing this , or that?.
Basic techniques like , fence building, path construction etc. I believe in keep it simple. Rustic.
Sorry to hear you are leaving Georgia , I live in Tallahassee Fl. and I am frequently in Atlanta Ga. I get Japanese Maples at a Maple nursery on the Covington Highway near Atlanta .
If you are going to give a class in Georgia , please let ,me know. burnscreations@yahoo.com
Will be in Atlanta in January 07.
All my best

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bwaynef(z7 SC)

Just thinking, you might get in touch with New England Bonsai Gardens in Bellingham MA. For fear of being "spiked" I'll let you locate their website.

They have very experienced bonsai Masters (redundant, no?) that I believe are resident. It might be a start for a place to teach, or at least a pool of interested potential clients.

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yama(7b Ga)

Hi bwaynef
Thank you for your information.
I posted on New England garden fourm to ask where I can find place to have Japanese garden class. I had very good, postive responce from many peoples over there.
I appreciate you help. ........mike

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Hey Yama-san

Good tip from Bwayne; they love to do classes (although Hiro and Teddy will want their cut I suspect). I emailed Cady with some other thoughts on that (I'm sure you two will talk). Sorry you aren't coming to NE Grows this year; I'll miss you. We should talk soon...


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