Leuchtfeuer hydrangea

gumneck 7A VirginiaJuly 13, 2013

I picked this pot up from Lowes today. The tag says Leuchtfeuer but it looks like two different plants.

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How curious. I looked and found it is supposed to be a mophead so I agree that it is two plants. And for the price of one, it is quite a deal!

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gumneck 7A Virginia

Thanks Luis. There seems to be two stems in the pot but that was the case with the other pots at Lowes that didnt have two different looking plants. I know I shouldn't be buying plants in the heat of summer (other than clearance). I will probably pot it up and put it someplace where I see it everyday so I don't forget to water it.

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It is probably a good thing that you separated the two plants now. If you let them keep growing together then the roots can mix and twine and it would be a mess trying to separate.

I know what you mean about not buying plants in the heat of the summer. I rarely do it but for some reason, I bought one that has been suffering in the 100-degree weather. I should have left it in the pot instead of planting it. Now I have to go ck it often and it is not where I can easily spot check it.

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Yes I have seen that at Lowes also, 2 different plants a Mop and a Lacecap. Bought one for the church yard for that very reason-2 for one!!!!

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