Japanese Maple Cultivars that will root from cuttings:

directorrod(5A)November 27, 2013

I caught the Japanese maple bug two summers ago with my first tree purchase and have been blissfully JM crazy ever since. I presently have over 200 hundred trees of about 175 different varieties. I'm doing some grafting, growing seeds, and rooting cuttings. I've started my own list of cultivars that will root from cuttings. Are there more experienced JM lovers out there who have compiled more extensive lists of JM cultivars that will root from cuttings? I'd be most appreciative if you're willing to share it.

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I've gotten no responses from my original post, so here is my list of JMs that will root from cuttings to try to prime the pump:

Japanese Maples Grown From Cuttings

AdrianâÂÂs Compact
Autumn Moon (softwood)
Sango kaku
Shira Red (softwood)

Are there additional cultivars that can be added to this list?

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It's too bad you haven't had more responses. You may well be the Japanese maple rooting expert here haha

I want to chime in and say I have a Sango Kaku (on your list) that was a rooted cutting when I purchased it and it has grown very well for the two years I've had it.

I'm interested to know how your Autumn Moon cutting has grown if you have planted it

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G'day directorrod,

I'm looking for arakawa, do you know where in Victoria I can get some? Thanks

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