Weeping Trees

Tony_C(z5Michigan)November 1, 2004

I have a 5' Tolson's weeping Juniper, that has had it's leader broken. Can I get the tree to continue growing by tieing up a strong branch near the top to re-establish the leader, as I would with an upright tree?



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lalalandz5b(z5b WI)

I just planted 1 of those myself a few weeks ago. I love that thing! Mine still has a central leader, but droops way over. I was wondering if I had to stake mine taller as well. In all the research I have done on this tree, not one article said anything about staking it at all. Mine is a monrovia purchase & is already staked to 5' & have another 1 1/2' not staked & that is the part that is curving. Please advise as well.

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woodscapes(z5b Mi)

HI tony I use a lot of weeping junipers in my pond designs. If you got a potted plant from Monrovia it is probably very spindely the B and B are usually alot fuller. I have never staked one because it tends to keep the tree from developing a strong leader. You might try using a large bonsai wire to re-direct a new leader.

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