SCBonsai(7b-8)November 12, 2004

"Regarding the placement of stones there are many taboos. If so much as one of these taboos is violated, the master of the household will fall ill and eventually die, and his land will fall into desolation and become the abode of devils."

I just opened my newly arrived copy of _Sakuteiki, Visions of the Japanese Garden_, and this is what greeted me! ;-)

The book, a heavily annotated translation of Sakuteiki by Takei and Keane, looks fascinating.


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I suspect that people who announce that there are taboos usually do it as part of a scheme to persuade the credulous that only they have the skill to ensure that the taboos are not broken - and so that they can then charge the credulous large amounts of money for their services.......

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As I remember it this is part of the oral transmission and was no doubt exagerated to make sure the wingnut apprentice got the importance of the message.
I am surprised you don't have a picture of "credulous large amounts of money", or a taboo Herb.

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Inky - Pictures of the credulous might annoy them, & pictures of large amounts of money might be difficult to arrange, but pictures of a taboo would be quite a challenge. Maybe verse would be better? E.g. -

I'm a taboo,
How do you do!
I terrify those,
Who haven't a clue....?

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yama(7b Ga)

Hi John
we can send man to moon . but some people do not have good feeling on 13th of Friday, and when He /She is wishing some thing, peoples crossing their finger. :) :):)
Many of things you read on Sakuteiki are still hortilculturly and archectuarly make sense..........yama

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yama(7b Ga)

Hi John.
we are reading and trying to understand old literature(s)with 21 century science back ground.
I was reading article of two Japanese inweb site you provided. I saved it in "favortes " /Aol. now I don't know where those information went to . I cannot find it . I cannot find it in "favorites" also I cannot see web site in this post either. will you give me that web site again ? yama

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Mike...I'm not sure of the link you are missing. Was it the Environmentalism and Japanese Gardens link?

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