zogiegirl(4)July 13, 2009

I am trying to plant a couple of hydrangeas in front of my house's windows. I want ones that do not grow very tall. (apt.2-3 ft. tall) Most of the soil is clay. The ones(Endless Summer) that I have now droops every other day. Any suggestions.



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ostrich(3a AB)

Donna, we need to know your zone/location, as well as the exposure/direction of the front of your house, so that we know how much sun this area gets.

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Thanks for the reply. I live in WI and I am not too sure if I am in zone 4 or 5. My house faces the North, but the plants get sun (west) from about 2p.m. till dusk. When they are blooming, they are beautiful, but every other day they seem to droop. I have been watering them with Miracle Grow with acid once a week. I gather they need a lot of water. Should I dig them up and replant with more black dirt. Thanks for any suggestion you might have.

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ostrich(3a AB)

Donna, my neighbors have ES planted on the north side of the house too. They also get some western sun from mid afternoon and they are doing just great.

If I were you, I would dig them up, amend the soil with garden soil and cow manure, then plant them back and deep water them every day. Don't just sprinkle on the foliage, but deep water them with drip lines. That worked really well for me. I would not use Miracle Gro at this point though - it is meant to promote a lot of foliage and bloom growth, but what you need right now is a very strong root system. Try this and let us know how it goes.

BTW, if you are in zone 4/5, ES may be a little borderline for hardiness.... you probably will need to provide them with winter protection.

Good luck!

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