Mother Of All Blooms (MOAB)

freemangreens(Zone 10 CA)September 9, 2008

Anybody ever hear of a granular product called Mother Of All Blooms?

The local hydro store was handing out free samples. I grabbed one and tossed the recommended amount into one of my aeroponic tomato growers.

Too soon to tell if it works yet. When (if) it does, I'll post the results.

I'm thinking it's designed for "weed", ya think?

God bless.


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I haven't heard of that one, who manufactures it? It does sound like it could be one of those designed for a particular crop, but that stuff works just as well with a lot of other plants.

For example, those guys often refer to their plants as "tomatoes" - they use that "code" for their plants because tomatoes are legal and have very similar nutritional demands.

So I'd expect if it's good for that, it'll be good for your tomatoes as well.

Though to be perfectly honest, I think a lot of the "designed for weed" stuff is perpetuated to get more of those growers to buy that stuff. Those guys just tend to have the most money to part with, so they get marketed to a bit more. There just isn't as much money in home-grown tomatoes, so we're not as likely to spend as much to grow them.

On the other hand, a lot of those high-end nutrients are packing a lot extra cool stuff (buffers, chelates, etc) that you won't find in the cheap stuff. I'm going to be getting some of the best stuff I can find just to see how it does.

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