pH is too low.

dalezz(5 -6)September 18, 2013

I read pH can be increased using baking soda, but how much can I use for a 50 gallon DWC?

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Someone may have a better answer. What I have read says it can but it isint ideal.
14.00 ph kit from amazon is well worth the money. I am as cheap as they come and I even went the kit way.

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PupillaCharites(FL 9a)

Beyond an accumulated 40-45 grams of sodium bicarbonate baking soda in 50 gallons will begin to get in the damaging range for many plants especially if your fertilizer has toward the high end of chloride. How much you need and what success you will have depends on the composition and strength of your solution and what pH is being offset.

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Baking Soda is Sodium Bicarbonate...It raises the PH (potential of Hydrogen) by raising the Total Alkalinity to its max then buffers over to the PH and raises that. Although bicarb is inexpensive and readily available and can be used in smaller DWC tanks without damaging plants .If it were me I would use a natural PH up like potassium bicarbonate. I have used Viagrow with no issues. It just doesn't take much to move the PH .... best of luck.

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