FAQ and the Bibliography

Gardener_KS(zone 5 KS)November 24, 2004

I checked with Spike about having an FAQ for this forum and putting the soon-to-drop-into-cyberspace bibliography on it. He says, "Someone just needs to volunteer to edit and input it." Anyone have an interest in doing this...and receiving the undying gratitude from the rest of us??

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Gardener_KS(zone 5 KS)

Well, I guess if anyone is interested in preserving that bibliography they can print it off before it cycles out. There doesn't seem to be any interest in an FAQ.

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edzard(3b Canada)

seemingly not.
Perhaps information is too readily at hand and too easily answered, not to mention that reading is work...
I believe the Bibliography is on the Database... perhaps then, only history is lost...

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I have offered to do the FAQ and have corresponded with both Gardener KS and Spike. You can get an idea of what the GardenWeb FAQs look like by visiting the Bonsai forums FAQ listed below. If you have a favorite thread that you wish to have preserved or examples of questions that should be represented in the FAQ, please let me know.


Here is a link that might be useful: Bonsai FAQ

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Jando_1(Zone 5 IL)

Thanks Greg, we all appreciate your offer and I think it will make our forum more useful.

Thanks again for all the time you are devoting to the forum. :)

Cheers Jando

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Gardener_KS(zone 5 KS)

Let the gratitude flow Greg's way!

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crashboxsus(6 Pgh/PA)


This is a huge task! If you need or want any help, let me know. Thanks to you (and to Gardener) for getting the ball rolling!


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Gorfram(7b W Oregon)

Thank you, thank you, thank you, Greg!!! (and Susan!)

- Evelyn

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