Perlite . . . non germane post but can't resist

disinmtlSeptember 5, 2009

I learned just about everything I know about growing hydro in this forum, the people are incredibly knowledgeable and helpful. I also know this site has a home improvement section, but the post is more apt here. I remodel houses for my job and this week had to match an old acoustic ceiling (also referred to as "popcorn" or "cottage cheese"). Safety risks of the ceiling aside, its practically impossible to find a texture to match them, as these styles left the world of the living many years ago. So, I looked everywhere and settled on a zinsser product (acoustic ceiling texture patch). I got it home, poured it up, noticed it was familiar looking, read the ingredients, its PERLITE. So, I went to the garage when we ran out, dumped a bunch of my gardening perlite in some paint, and boom, Popcorn texture. Its amazing, seriously, amazing. sorry for the non relevant post, thought some might find it funny/interesting.

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that's actually a good thing to remember since you can buy perlite in different grades, you could custom match your texture to match the existing ceiling. I know when the painters tried to retouch our popcorn ceiling, I made them do it three times and it still looks like crap.

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