Pinky Winky vs. Quick Fire

hokierustywilliamsbuJuly 6, 2009

Which is better--what are the differences????

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Good Morning h..r..w - P W is still in my wish list (a bit $$$ here)... have a printout w/ photo from Proven Winner's site. Attraction is for her 12-16" bi-color blooms. I adore my QF she is the first to bloom (ahead by a month) when all others are just forming buds ... just the right 6-8" airy panicles, for me ... is now starting her change of color to light pink, as all others are just starting to open their first sepals (some don't like the dirty apricot-pink mature - summer/fall color). Ostrich has both I believe - will be able to compare better!

FWIW - Good luck on your choice!!!

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good morning!
Love, love, love my Quick Fire! It only gets 2 hours of direct sun at the heat of the day & it still is lovely! It blooms forever (bright cream & then its rose color), its habit is quite graceful & it is trouble free. It doesn't get much press lately now that Pinky Winky is on the scene. Some people don't like the dusty pink stage that Quick Fire can get, particularly when it doesn't get a lot of sun like mine. I just adore it, however. Good luck on your choice! There is a thread from a summer or two ago that discusses Quick Fire that had/has? photos through the process of growing over 2 summers.

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I love both of my Quick Fires, and my one Pinky Winky. I suppose if I had to have only one it would be quick fire. It leafs out sooner for me in the spring and I've had flowers for at least a month now. My Pinky Winky is just starting to think about developing buds.


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Hi again - QF is pinking quite a bit more now, especially where she receives longer doses of sun! Â;)

I wish Ostrich would chime in, as I'm curious how his PW is doing after a family of Bambies took liberties with her! Â:( ... he has QF as well!


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ostrich(3a AB)

Ditas, my PW is starting to have buds, but the growth is a bit irregular now, due to the "pruning" by dear Bambi earlier... whereas my QF is growing in a beautifully symmetrical shape, the PW is a little irregular in shape. Anyway, we shall see what happens next, when the PW starts to bloom.

I suggest that hokierustywilliamsbu should do a search on this topic, as we have had a lot of discussion here before between these two plants. Overall, my personal opinion is that QF is a better plant for me, as it has more unusual flowers (more lacecap type), and it blooms earlier. Also, it seems to be less of a bambi magnet than PW... just some of my preliminary observations over the last couple of seasons.

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