Yet another design issue ;)

MrNorthDecember 20, 2004


As my garden is slowly growing... I had another issue I wanted to share with you!

Please view this pic. As you notice there is a "hallway" between garane and house. I wanted to make that into a beautiful pathway leading into the garden (and pond). Now.. as you can see I have added plants on the left side. Some maples and other plants. But the question is. What should I do with the right side? Just leave it as it is, with just the stone on the ground? Or some flowerbed, or add more pots? It is possible for me to remove some ground stones and make a flowerbed.. but im not 100 % sure about the shape. Or perhaps I should leave it as it is?

I also have a garden lantern I want to add somewhere in this area? Where do you think would be the best placement?



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Would it be possible to construct a pergola-type structure between the two buildings, have a lattice on the left-hand side of the house (and possibly on the right-hand side of the garage), and plant a vine by the bottom left-hand corner of the house (and possibly on the right-hand side of the garage)? It would create a pathway (this time a green one, so it's an improvement) that would serve as a nice transition into the backyard.


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Cytania(UK Midlands)

You want to guide people to your door, it looks a bit like the pots may hinder people in this. Think about moving them and creating a nice arrangement of feature plants and a lantern.

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Actually, I was thinking about designing a "japanese" fence and a "japanese" gate (with a small roof). It is the brown thingie between the garage and house. I will then plant a wisteria and make it grow on the fence...

What I badly need advice on is if and where I need to plant shrubs on the open area where there is a ? and only stone.

kind regards

ps Please use this pic, and add your plants/suggestions in paint and email it to me! Its much easier to understand when looking at a picture. My email is

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