When to prune LImelight

susieoc(z6CT)July 5, 2005

I have a new Limelight and have not been able find any info on pruning it. Does anyone have an answer? I would appreciate help!

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Limelight is a Paniculata and blooms on new wood so it can be pruned anytime before the blooms set. Late winter/early spring is recommended......yg

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silvergold(z5a WI)

yellowgirl has it right. At this time of year, I wouldn't recommend pruning it as the blooms may be setting now.

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karen_w(5 MI)

I have a Limelight that's two summers old. Per the tag instructions, early in the spring I pruned one third of its branches to the ground. It's now a MONSTER! I love the huge, cone-shaped blooms at all stages. Just forming. Fully formed and greeny-white. Nipped with frost in the fall and blushing pink. Dried to an interesting shade of pinkish beige.

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My limelight has "never" bloomed. Could I have it in too much shade?

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karen_w(5 MI)

Mine is in full sun.

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the paniculatas need some sun to flower. in my area, a half-day of sun(morning until noon) is enough to get good flowering and, with the afternoon shade, the flowers stay fresh longer.

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Sorry this is very off message but....

Hey Jeff, you're not in the path of this monster Dennis are you?

I'm waiting here with my fingers crossed.


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hi yg!
it appears that we are, according to the latest track.
i am in auburn, about 30 miles or so west of columbus, ga.
the current path puts the storm pretty much centered on our state as it moves inland. batteries and lamp oil are in short supply as of lunch today and i am sure the roads will be thick with florida traffic moving northward.
guess i should go cut a lot of flowers before monday morning, huh?
i will stay in town with friends sunday night. my rural home is surrounded by trees. i just hope this one is not going to be like opal (oct. '95). i had no power for 7 days after that one and lost quite a few oaks.

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Oh dear...

It looks like I am going to dodge the Dennis bullet (I took 3 last year) supposedly getting just lots of wind (non hurricane strength) and rain. Oddly enough, Charley took an oak tree, half of a sweetgum tree and my roof, yet I lost not one bloom or petal from a hydrangea or a rose. Everything low to the ground or protected by the house or fence was untouched. So prune judiciously, you don't want to end your bloom season prematurely if you don't have to. The silver lining was that after being stuck inside for 4 days of unrelenting rain from Frances, when I finally went outside, it looked like my hydrangeas had doubled in size!! I guess they liked the deep soaking.

I have lots of bottled water, canned tuna, candles, flash light batteries and yes even a hand crank (no batteries needed) radio. Wish I could send them to you. I know how it gets when people start making a mad rush to gather supplies and the shelves are empty when you get there.

Well, stay safe (most important) and I hope you escape without too much property damage. I'll keep you in my prayers. Another forum regular, Phillip, is also in Alabama, I hope he is out of harm's way too.

Keep us posted on how you make out. Good luck.....yg

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