Hydrangeas eaten.

MFIXJuly 1, 2012

Just planted an endless summer, rebloomer, and it was quite happy, until...something ate quite a bit of its very nice, healthy leaves. We have a rabbit that likes to hang around our house in particular, probably because we dont have the standard (and mostly rabbit proof) subdivision-mass-shrub plantings--we believe Bert the Bunny is the culprit ( I know, we shouldnt have named him). We also believe that he is solely responsible for killing an azalea last winter. I have plantskydd which I am now going to spray on the hydrangea, and in the surrounding mulch, and probably on some of the grass outside this raised bed. Just wanted to know if anyone thinks that this is a bad idea, or worth a try. Thank you.

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I used Liquid Fence Deer and Rabbit Repellent with good results but I had to reapply it on the leaves (only) after it rained. Note: I have not tried the new granular version.

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Springwood_Gardens(6B Pittsburgh)

Hey Luis.. any luck with keeping the sprayers from plugging up? I've used the 12oz bottle and the big jug and after a while they seen to plug up with chunks from the liquid and don't work anymore. Its right in the nozzle and not the line, and they aren't disassemblable to clean. After that I need to find new sprayers and use them until they plug up. Its worth that to save plants but frustrating.

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Hi Everybody,

My hydrangea leaves are being eaten by something. Not slugs, something else. Any ideas, please?

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