New and confused...need help!

kipissippi(N MS)September 14, 2006

Hi everyone, I'm new to this forum. I tried finding a book on Hydroponics at Borders yesterday and they had...NOTHING!

I've never tried hydroponics but I think it would be the perfect solution. Since moving to Mississippi, (I'm from Oregon) I haven't been able to raise a decent crop of anything. We have "Bug of the Month" here, torrential rain, then no rain for weeks, and weeds that I swear are on steroids. The tomatoes in the stores are gorgeous...and tasteless.

My house is a jungle. Plants love it. Our living room has three walls that have eight sliding glass doors in them, south, west and east.

I'd love to grow tomatoes, zuchinni, cilantro herbs etc.. but I haven't a clue how to get started. What would be the easiest that I wouldn't have to mortgage the house to get it going? I obviously don't need anything with a lighting system.

We have a horse ranch and I was wondering if manure tea would be helpful in hydroponics?

Thanks for any help,


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Hi Kip,
I was successful in growing Pixie hybrid tomatoes in Miami,Florida in a Hydroponics System using a wick to absorbe the nutrient solution from the reservoir. I grew all my plants in pure perlite, used 1 teaspoon Chem Gro 10-8-22 plus 1/4 teaspoon Epsom salt and 1 teaspoon calcium sulphate per gallon of tap water. The unit was facing South direction in my terrace, since tomatoes need a lot of sun.
Note I added Epsom salt and Calcium sulphate only after the tomatoe plants flower.
Now it is Fall and probably you need to start growing cool season crops. Good luck.


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Follow the links below. This is the best book on hydro of which I know.

It also explains many different systems and will keep you from doing fruitless, frustrating and time-consuming web searches.

Here is a link that might be useful: Hydro Book

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kipissippi(N MS)

Thank you both for the helpful information. I ordered the book Willard, it appears to be exactly what I was looking for!!

Am I crazy to think I can grow summer crops indoors in a VERY sunny location?


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So does manure tea work?? And any info on where to get chemgro would be great....not a big online ordering fan tho. At the moment im growing some catnip and if the system works im going to make a herb tray aswell. Thanks =)

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I remember feeling that way when I lived in Louisiana.
20" of rain. if your veggies were lucky enough to outgrow the weeds, there were any number of bugs ready to top them.
HERE is a link to a basic intro system. It's inexpensive and you can easily recycle the parts later if you want to expand the system.

down south, any window that gets a lot of sun should do fine growing veggies. I frequently grow herbs and tomatoes in my office in a south facing window.
Good luck with your system. Let us know if you've any more questions.

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