Love the yellows

arcy_gwJune 12, 2014

A few years ago I acquired this specimen from an on line seller recommended here. I have since lost the name of this beautiful gem. I am pretty sure each leaf you see represents two years in my garden. I have never had a hosta grow so slowly. Does anyone have a guess as to who this is and if my experience is typical?

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ken_adrian Adrian MI cold Z5

great expectations???

a real dog ... woof ... i am actually surprised its alive.. a few years later ... lol ..

with all the useless white in the center .... it has half or less of the chlorophyll production of say.. a green plant... ergo.. its slow ...

i am also thinking.. its very squat.. and wonder if its not planted a bit on the low side ...

and if its not GE.. its one of the look alikes.. see above re: proclivities ...


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No white all yellow, but still not tons of green. I tried lifting it three years is planted the same as the others, in this picture. It is so pretty, if it would just GROW. No signs of the rippling one would expect with Great Expectations..but then rippling tends to come with size. I am pretty sure I would not have purchased one due to get as large as Great Expectations does. Hmmm a mystery. Does Great Expectations grow SLOWLY?

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Here it is in a side shot. Does it still seem deep?

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josephines123 z5 ON Canada

It looks like GE to me and resembles my colours more. Yes, it is a slow grower but there are some of us who have no problem growing it at all. Mine is slow this year in unfurling but I bought two more because I love it. They have more green in the leaves right now and have flower scapes already (nursery fed).

Newhostalady has a gorgeous specimen!

Note: for the past two years I have grown mine in more sun exposure (until past 1:30.). It just gets lighter but it allows it more opportunity to gain some vigour. It is not susceptible to burn. A beauty!

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There is a very close look-alike by the name of Summer Joy that is very slow growing. Too dark for a picture tonight, but maybe tomorrow.

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newhostalady Z6 ON, Canada

I also believe that your hosta is Great Expectations. This hosta is definitely known to take its time growing! In my opinion, it likes a lot of compost, moisture and some sun. One day you will be amazed at its growth and beauty, but you must be patient with this one! I do have a mature one as Jo mentioned, but I am posting a picture of my one eyed GE so you can compare it with yours. I must say that I was quite disappointed to see it only had one eye again this year. But I changed my mind when this one large eye produced a gorgeous plant!

So do you think you have a GE?

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Well then josephines67 I am glad I moved it forward a few years gets more sun now than it I get to contemplate a move to my back bed Where it would get a few hours of morning sun, hmmm. Thank you everyone!!

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Here's the picture of my Summer Joy that is a G E look alike that I also purchased a few years back from an on line vendor. (Can't remember which now.) Very slow grower like G.E.

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leafwatcher(zone 5)

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Love it..I would love mine to develop like yours!! By chance yesterday I tripped upon a local BIG name garden store. They had many yellows I do not. I was sorely tempted. Most I never would expect to find in a retail establishment. Priced well too. I have avoided the dreaded virus thus far and am thinking I should quit while I am a head. Today as always I am regretting my decision. I may have to wrangle another trip into the big city.

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