Beginning hydroponics (tried lettuce but burned them)

hydroponic1September 11, 2010

I am starting to grow peppers but i didn't use certified seed pepers. Instead i used seeds i salvaged from farmers market peppers. Any help with lighting would be helpfull.

I am currently using a general hydroponics waterfarm and a ge light.

Any suggestions on passive hydroponics would be great.

I will post more questions as i try more things.

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Why certified seeds?

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I think he/she means seeds he/she bought from a purveyor.


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Hi, I'm also getting ready to start some Sweet Bells and Eggplant.
As far as lighting, I'm using a 2 fluorescent Phillips F32T8/Natural Sunshine bulbs,I believe I got a Lowes. I've had great success with this lighting on a timer 16hrs of light 8hrs of night. Hope this helps and good luck!!

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