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TheMasterGardener1(5B)September 13, 2012

Hey home hydro. I have noticed that you have endless knowledge of growing hydroponically. I have learned a bit from you on here. I see you have contributed quite a bit of helpfull info on here, and many have benifited from the information you have displayed. I always wondered, and maybe I already asked, but what is your fertilizer of choice, or do you get it in bulk?

Thanks again.

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O well.

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I'm obviously not homehydro, but will tell you what I used; I hope others will also offer some suggestions(including homehydro)
Google "5-11-26 Hydroponic Special". It's mixed with Calcium Nitrate and usually epsom salts (magnesium sulfate) for a quick easy general fertilizer.
Scotts makes it, it used to be called Hydrosol I think, now 5-11-26. Southern Ag makes a version of it, as well as hydro-gardens/chemgro.
Find somewhere by you that sells fertilizers and they can order for you.
Hope this helps.

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