Double Delights Stsr Gazer

hokierustywilliamsbuJuly 17, 2014

Anyone grown this one? Saw 2 battered ones at half price and wondering if I need it.

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Yes, I got one from Bluestone Perennials 2 years ago and like most mail orders it was quart sized but grew at a good rate.

Very nice but the winter knocked it back like most macs.

Here is a photo of one of the bloom umbels from last year.

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Thanks got one less than half price-all the leaves are diseased but lots of new growth-should I remove all the old diseased leaves?

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Depends on what disease you are talking about. Wilting for example would not qualify as it is a temporary condition common in the summer and caused by soil moisture issues. A fungal infection like Powdery Mildew can be treated and the leaves -usually- will recover. And if you have leaf spots -hmm, it is starting to be late in the growing season- I would probably keep the leaves and remove them (to the trash with them, not the compost pile) as soon as the plant begins to shut down for winter. The degree/amount of infestation could make me change my mind too.

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