When to plant and other questions

miclino(5)July 14, 2010

I'm planning on planting a row of hydrangeas along one side of the house. It is mostly shady with some filtered sunlight during the afternoon. I have two questions

1; Is it safe to buy and plant hydrangeas in August? If not then when?

2; For the location mentioned above, I want plants that are 3-4 ft tall, which would you recommend. Must be rebloomer. Something like Endless Summer?

Thanks in advance

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sue36(Z5 Maine)

Around here the garden centers start discounting the hydrangeas around now. The further into summer you get the rattier they will look at the garden centers. Can you plant them now? If not, I would buy them now and keep them watered. ES doesn't reach 4' here, or at least it hasn't yet, and mine are in sun until 2:30. There are many hydrangeas that reach 4', or more, but do you want blue blooms only? Many people have complained about inadequate blooming from ES when it doesn't get enough sun. The conditions you describe doesn't sound like enough sun. I have one mac hydrangea in conditions like that and it is much smaller than the ES I have in more sun.

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Not ready to plant them yet but I suppose I could buy now and plant later. Still need to pick the right hydrangea though......I guess I will keep away from ES but any choice I make does not have to be 4ft, 3ft tall would be fine too.

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What I need are any light color flowering hydrangeas (rebloomers), 3-4ft in height. I have begun clearing out the bed for them (the heat is insane!) but I'm waiting on some good recommendations on a cultivar that will bloom well in conditions mentioned above. Basically its "bright shade" most of the day with dappled sun in morning and afternoon.

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Hello, Miclino. It is too hot for planting here as well. While they can be planted outside now, the locations would force me to "go" to the planting site daily (to check them out). With temps in the 100s-110s, I prefer to keep them potted in a central location (easy watering) and plant them when temperatures moderate.

Check the Cityline Hydrangea Series, Halo Series and the Let's Dance Series. Keep an eye on the Cold Hardiness Rating since you are in Zone 5.

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From what I read here, cityline is borderline for zone 5 and not a rebloomer. Will check out the others you mentioned. What is everyone thoughts about mini penny in this location?

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