Profitability of growing herbs!!!

oakleaf33(8)September 13, 2008

Production of the greenhouse is slated to start soon. I keep changing my mind on the fly with the pontential crop. I have searched U.S.D.A reports for profitability and marketibility of freshly grown herbs, particulary oregano and rosemary maybe cilantro. Does anyone have any good ideas about what a typical plant yields on average?? Most importantly what is the typical plant height and growing demensions of say Cilantro a.k.a Coriander "i think". I need the plant specs to figure into my numbers to for growing space etc..any help is greatly appreciated.

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freemangreens(Zone 10 CA)

I grow lettuce commercially. The first thing you need to do is capture your market. Do your homework and see if and where your market is. There is plenty of demographic information out there; you just have to look.

Once you have a market, then center in on growing whatever it is your available market dictates.

Once you've done this, contact me and I'll put you in touch with grower-friends who already grow and sell fresh herbs. They are your best bet for success, once your market has been determined.

One advantage of herbs over fresh produce is herbs store and fresh produce doesn't. If I have a crop failure, even once, I stand to lose customers, who are depending on me for their fresh lettuce. Kinda scary!

God bless.


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Freemansgreen, thanx for the info!!! I have been doing quite a bit of homework. Doesn't sound like it by some of the questions I ask. I have ordered four books from amazon. GREAT GREAT books. Plant propagators bible, Secrets of starting and operating a hydroponics greenhouse business, Growing for profits backyard business. I have been studying and researching like the mad-hatter.LOL. Thats great to know that you grow lettuce commercially I could definately use any insight that you may have. I will keep posted when I can and show my progress as soon as I can. Thanx again freeman!!

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I wish I could be of more help, but I can offer this bit of moral support for you.

When you feel like all you're doing is asking questions and this leads you to think you don't know much, remember this:

You probably didn't know enough to even ask that question a week ago.

Sometimes you have to learn a lot just to be able to ask the right questions. It's like that saying: Wisdom is knowing how little you actually know and how much you have yet to learn.

I can't answer these questions of yours, but I wouldn't have thought to ask them, either.

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