Japanese garden lantern

yumijujoDecember 17, 2011

I just found this forum while researching some garden lanterns I have had for some 30 years. There seemed to be some knowledgable people here on the subject judging from some previous discussions I found, so I am hoping to get some guidance.


This lantern whose photos I've linked to above is 26" tall and 14" across the 'hat' on top. It is all cast iron and wired for electricity. It consists of 4 sections bolted together. The cantilevered base is in the form of a realistic log snag and the base of the lantern is wielded to the 'wood' part while the balance of the lamp bolts together from there. The lattices and there are metal maple leaves applied onto the lid. The total weight is 30 pounds, give or take.

My question: I got these at an estate sale and don't really know the age, but I'm thinking that it is probably from the 40s or 50s judging from the 6-sided bolts holding it together and the overall patina & quality. I can't find any markings on it anywhere. I am just trying to figure out if it might be significantly older ~ say, early 20th century, and attributable as to a specific period.

I have been unable to find anything remotely like it on the web except for a similar design in cast stone which appeared to be a "one-of" as opposed to current production.

I would appreciate the insight of any members in its regard.

(sorry for the photo link, but this site isn't real intuitive as to how to post photos...)

Thanks, Bob

Here is a link that might be useful: Japanese lantern

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