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i_dig_it(z5a - Illinois)August 13, 2008

I have a new area in front of our house I am thinking about putting a Hydrangea in.

I have been researching different varieties, but am still unsure of which would fit in the best.

My choices were

'Little Lamb' it can get 4-6' high and 6' wide, but it's supposed to be for smaller areas?

'Blushing Bride' (not even sure of it's hardiness here)

gets 3-5' high and 3' wide. Is it more upright or what?

'Quick Fire' 4-6' high and wide

Anyone grow any of these and any comments or thoughts on them?

I will be putting it on the north side of the house. It will get some morning sun, then shade, then sun late in the afternoon.


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luis_pr(7b/8a Hurst, TX)

Hello, Janet. Quick Fire is a nice choice but I thought QF could get much larger than 6'; you may have to prune it to keep it in check. Luis

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QF is a 'full size' paniculata, expect it to be in 8'+ range, but as Luis said it could be pruned (yearly!) to desired size.
LLamb...I'm puzzled myself about her size. Bought it from a reputable source to make sure it's not a mislabeled young PG. It was staying in 3-4' range for two years and produced smaller size blooms how it suppose to do, but this year it threw several 5-6' tall canes with huge panicles, absolutely identical to the growing near by PG.
BBride is completely different animal than other two. It's macrophilla and should be planted in z5 at your own risk (read reviews about BB on this board). Based on my observations it will be rather 5x5 than 3x3 plant, but in your climate you might have diebacks that will keep her on a smaller side.
Sunwise, as you describe the location, it would be ideal place for BB and less so for paniculatas which doesn't mean that they'll not perform well there. They might if they'll receive enough light.

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