hydro-boiSeptember 8, 2009

I recently I recently bought a kit using my pay pal account from . It came in a week with free UK delivery. How far do the plants need to be from the 400w light. Is NFT suitable for tomatoes?

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I have seen pictures of greenhouses using NFT for tomatoes, but to me it seems the root mass is too large and would cause flow problems once the plants got some size to them.

I don't grow with lights, but it seems like 12"-24" is what you're looking for. I believe the 'rule of thumb' is to put your hand at the highest part of your plant. if the light is hoton your hand, it's too hot for the plant.

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this looks like spam to me.
what does his payment method, delivery time and free delivery have to do with a HPS light? nothing.
also, there is a huge banner on that page that advertises paypal payment and free uk delivery.


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yeah that's what I figured but he did ask a question and at the least it'll get it off the top of the page.

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I recently I recently bought a can of Spam from and it included free checkout and was placed in my shopping cart. Should I use an electric or manual can opener to get to the contents?


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don't they have pop tops now?
you didn't use paypal to complete the transaction?

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