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MrNorthDecember 28, 2004

Hiya again...

I have been thinking about various ways of designing the gate which will be the entrance to my backyeard... and the first thing people will see is the pond. So, I want to give the peope a "hint" that they are entering something which has a japanese inspiration. ANd I also want this to affect the gate itself. So, I have in paint created a rough sketch on what I planned to build. I definetly want it with a door, so the moon gates are out of the question...

Please check this image

And make any suggestions and alterations you desire to (in your opinion) make it more like it would belong to a japanese garden. I have thought about making the walls with bamboo, but since the house and all its walls are "western style" it would be too much of a distraction.

And both the walls and the gate has a tiled roof which allow water to flow away.

I would be happy if you perhaps also can provide links to pages with pictures of similar garden gates...



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HI again... After spending about 1 more hour googling... I actually managed to find a rather useful link

it includes some useful designs... And Im pretty´sure I can manage to build some of the simpler roof designs myself ;) Im a shitty carpenter, but I think I can manage this hehe



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coachsmyth(4 Canada NWBC)

Henrik- I went through the same dilemma
Herb and others helped me out tremendously- you might want to check over on the gallery page for my original thread and see what happened


Here is a link that might be useful: garden web discussion

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