edurink(PH)September 22, 2004

I am growing eggplants right now. Growth is generally good, however, there are two problems: 1) Leaves crack and develop big holes. 2) Flowers fall off. Any comments or suggestions.

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Hmm...tough one. I could not find any reference to the symptoms you mentioned on the net. My eggplants are suffering from aphids even after I Neemed them to death.

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Just saw this info somewhere. I hope it helps.

Factors that may cause blossom drop include too much fertilizer, especially nitrogen; too much watering; too much heat; lack of pollination; not enough heat


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Nice to hear from you. You are right, I came across similar information somewhere too. I am using right now the Hydrosol 5.11.26 of Allied Botanical, for fruiting plants like tomatoes, etc, eggplants included. They recommend a 3 stage formula. The first for leaf, second for early fruit, and the third full fruit production. I am using at present the second stage. That means I should move to the third stage where in the calcium nitrate is reduced somewhat. The formula is in my website []

About the cracks on the leaves, I have some observations. To get rid of white flies, I used a mild soap solution. It worked very well. Then the cracks showed which I suspect was a result of the spray. What I did next is to reduce the mildness of the soap more and after the soap solution, spray the plants with plain water thoroughly on the upper side and lower side of the leaves. Now, the plants look normal. I have to watch for the return of the white flies then repeat the process.

Thanks again, Mangojon. I think hydroponics enthusiasts in the Philippines should interact more.


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I'd like to make a correction. My website is []

Here is a link that might be useful: Hydro Ideas Nutrients

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Hi ed,

somehow i was kicked out of this forum. It is nice to know you are trying new things. that's good. I was working with eggplant a few months ago together with Plastro Philippines. This is for the japenese eggplant market. Based on your description, it seems you overdid your spraying (phytotoxicity).

mangojon was right about the flower drop. Anyhow, I have with me a new material from australia for the control of white fly and spider mites in greenhouse. If you need samples of it give me a call.


Mike caballes

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