Nutrient feed methods revisited

Rio_GrandeSeptember 15, 2013

Buried in another one of my long wordy threads we talked about delivery of the nutrient to the rail. I wanted to discuss it here again with some new ideas.

We use alot of drip irrigation products, one is drip tape. While the drip would be far too slow for a nft system such as mine, with a foot spacing between emitters there is plenty of room for me to cut straws out.

The reason I am looking at this is I am weary of 1/4 inch delivery that is barely big enough and if any blockage occurs we can loose a whole rail overnight. I was running a double 1/4 setup per rail for a while, but I was constantly chasing a drip or 5. I finally got all the 1/4 lines to seal and now they keep clogging.

So is there something out there that is not 5.00 a valve that I can use to solve this?
I need to move my main above the inlet instead of having the pump push to fill each tube gravity can do the job. I want to be able to increase and decrease the flow in the rail. And the rails must remain moveable/removable.

I like the PVC idea but once I priced all the fittings I just need to find a cheaper solution..


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Try installing a Y-filter on the 3/4" main after the pump to remove anything that would clog the 1/4" delivery lines. A cheap paint filter on the end of the return before going back in the reservoir can catch some junk too.

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My wife came up with the idea to use fiberglass screen wire over the outlet lines. This has worked well keeping stuff out of the tank and plugging lines. I'm looking for a good source for IV clamps to control the flow.

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