H. involucrata 'Gyokudanka' etc...

peppa(8WA)August 21, 2010

Hi everyone,

I have been looking for Hydrangea involucrata 'Gyokudanka'

(= H.involucrata 'hortensis'), H.involucrata 'Yohraku' (= involucrata var. mulutiplex), Hydrangea involucrata 'Mihara Kokonoe' (= H.involucrata f. plenissima), and H. 'Mikawa Chidori' for a while and I haven't had any luck finding a source for them in the US. Recently, though, I noticed that Hortico offers some of them in their online catalog.

Has anybody bought any of these from Hortico before?

I'm a little concerned about ordering from Hortico because I have had a few bad experiences with them regarding mislabed roses, and they seem to be notorious for mislabeling plants.

Any advice or comments would be appreciated!


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Hi peppa. Yes, they do seem to be problematic in the rose department. Perhaps that is why they choose plants in the way that they do (rare plants not found anywhere else or almost nowhere else). There have been few posting about Hortico here though. Garden Watchdog has some but nothing recent. In the past year, they listed 3 negative feedbacks, and 1 each positive & neutral.

Some nurseries do not advertise certain varieties where their stock is small. So they may carry some of these but you would not see anything on their website. Try calling several places to confirm that they do not carry some of the ones listed above.

Heronswood in PA lists Hortensis in their website (http://www.heronswood.com/index.cfm/fuseaction/product.detail/_/Hydrangea-involucrata-Hortensis/productID/91f51c5c-f34b-42e2-8d84-45c4429eff94/categoryID/ce4ef658-1d30-4926-bf68-0a464a5ac1fe/)

Some of these involucratas are tender so make sure they are ok where you live. They also get quite large so choose a large space for them.


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Hi Luis, thanks for your input!

I found the same Heronswood link that you mentioned a couple of days ago and sent a mail asking about the availability of H.involucrata 'hortensis,' so we will see...

If anybody has any information about the other hydrangeas that I mentioned, please let me know! I would very much appreciate it!


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