outdoor hydroponics in gainesville florida

papayamonSeptember 6, 2009

hi everyone. trying to grow tree and shrub starts to potting size via outdoor hydro. i'm concerned about keeping the water temps down if using something like ebb and flow. do i need to worry about this with ebb and flow? what media should i use?

what are the options for outdoor hydro in high heat humid areas as far as supplying solution to the plants?

i'm willing to make a decent investment in the right stuff to do this professionally.

thanks to all who reply.

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What is considered potting size? how big a plant and/or how big a root ball?
are you starting from seed or will you be trying to root cuttings?
When you say hot and humid, what do you mean (i.e. what region are you from) Louisiana hot and humid is WAYYYYYY different than North Carolina hot and humid.

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Yeah, I'm an idiot.
I failed to read "gainesville florida" in your thread title.

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i am figuring that the battle will be to keep the temp of the reservoir down. i plan on using nft. i am figuring the thing to do is dig a good sized hole, like maybe 6 x 6 x 4 foot deep, line it with a little pond liner so it holds water, and put my nutrient tank in the bottom of that pool or water. i'm going to go find standing water under full shade and see what the temp is. the advantage of having the nutrient tank in essentially a little pond of open water would be that you'd be getting some evaporative cooling instead of just the ground helping to dissipate the heat. i bet that wold give you another few degrees of temp relief.

i'm going to toy around with a lot of different things with this. it's primarily a hobby, so i don't see how i can get hurt too badly, even if i can't get it to work.

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Well I've never had problems with temperature in North Carolina, though admittedly the temperatures are a slight cooler. see My Summer Systems thread to see what my systems look like. Both are gray containers that got direct sunlight until about 1:00 in the afternoon.
Before you commit to digging such a large hole, I'd recommend trying it above ground. a 6x6x4 hole is a hella commitment unless you've got some heavy equipment laying about.
Another alternative would be to dig the hole half as deep and use the fill in worn out tire you could lay around the hole such that it's half in the ground and half out.

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i got the equipment. it's a matter or moments to make/fill a hole. actually, i don't have it. my neighbor and very good buddy has it. we help each other all the time.

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I would check out those guys over at Gator Hydroponics, Inc in Gainesville Florida. They have absolutely everything you might need when it comes to hydroponic gear. The staff is very knowledgeable in the science of growing indoors or outdoors using hydroponics. The store is a little hard to find but worth the effort. I recommend you going and check it out. They have grow tents set up and the buy and sell used equipment. Two thumbs up!!

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I would think for most trees, a 10 gallon bucket would get the plants to a size that can be transplanted outside. With buckets this size, doing outside hydro will be easier than some other methods. And you can put a collar around the plants to keep most rain water out. Collars worked for me last year on cukes grown outside.
And as far as heat for the water solution, you can bury the solution and keep under a shade. If you have the money, a water cooler if you are really concerned. But would think that it is not worth the money (some experience in my hydro greenhouse).

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Thanks "ratherbboating" for reply. I absolutely agree with you and its really informative.

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