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iris_gal(z9 CA)May 7, 2010

Only post to this if you have a tall bearded iris that insists on unfurling a new bud after it has decided the old one is a goner.

So the overall show is 3 weeks +

Does anyone have a named TB that behaves that way? There will be of necessity a few days of no open flower.

We are talking about one stalk here ~ not the clump.

I have only one that qualifies. I'm going to start paying attention to this trait. My lengthy bloomer has 2 double socketed buds

per stalk which helps prolong the show.

It is LAVENDER LUCK. First bud open April 21st and the last bud will open in 2 days if it stays warm. It should last to May 11th.

Anyone else have one that stretches the show?

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wmoores(7/8 MS)

Leanna has been in blooms almost forever! Smoky Shadows has been in bloom a long time. Frequent Flyer also has been blooming throughout the season.

Two of my own that have triple and double sockets are
Cloud Illusion and Night Train to Memphis and are extended season bloomers for me, at least.

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hosenemesis(SoCal Sunset 19 USDA 8b)

I think I will have more to add next year or the year after, since I don't have many established clumps. Of course, the standout in my garden is TOTAL RECALL. I keep expecting a stalk to be done, and more flowers appear. I just thought of counting them yesterday, since I think they may have multiple double or triple sockets.
RIP CITY is another one that has a long bloom period because of double sockets and lots of branching. The flowers are long-lasting too.

I also just noticed today that the flowers of Cajun Rhythm do not last long. Perhaps it is because it blooms later in the season when it gets hot here.

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Nancy zone 6

Good idea, I may find myself needing to thin down my iris, better to get rid of the ones that don't do as well. I will have to pay better attention to how many flowers I'm actually getting per stalk. I've just noticed how long their bloom time is in all. Some of the SDBs seem to be covered in blooms for 3 days, then they were all gone, but SDBs are new for me so they may last longer next year.
Earl of Essex has been blooming for just over 2 weeks & still going strong, Daughter of stars has been blooming longer & still doing well. Footloose has been blooming just over 3 weeks but a new stalk just started blooming.

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iris_gal(z9 CA)

Thanks to a question I did research on 'Lavender Luck'. NOT MINE!
Drats and double drats. Phooey, another mislabel. Thought I was done with those.

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Agreed, Total Recall is the energizer bunny that just keeps on going. Although this year mine is taking a bit of a rest. Last year it bloomed like crazy, it got a bad case of leave rot, then I divdied it--so it's getting a well deserved rest. It bloomed just a bit. But next year swill be gangbusters no doubt.

I've got establsihed clumps of Kevin's Theme and they are still in full bloom after 3 weeks. Probalby not the same stlaks, but--gads it's a strong bloomer fo rme. IT's just about my favorite iris.

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Of all things Jurassic Park seemed to bloom forever! It was an early bloomer, and just kept on.

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'Pirate Ahoy' was planted 1.5 years ago in my garden. This year, it sent only one stalk. I just checked the dates on my pictures. The first one was taken on April 24th; the last one yesterday, May 16th.
This guy is still blooming! The flowers are not large, but the color combination is amazing and the shape of flowers is superb. I am very pleased with this one.

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