NFT plant spacing and pot size

stefblacSeptember 12, 2008

Hello all

I am intending to build an NFT system using 3m PVC downpipes and I was wondering if there are any experienced growers out there who might be able to suggest the appropriate hole spacing for this type of system. I am looking to squeeze as much produce out of these systems as possible so I was wondering how dense I can go.Also I am unsure of what size pots to use. I was thinking of using polystyrene cups with holes poked in the bottom as these are cheap and easy to get but I have seen pictures of people using really tiny net pots. I am going to use the system for basil mostly but might also try tiny tim tomatoes, strawberries, chard, lettuce and asian greens.

Thanks and take care:)

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Also stefblac, remember when you are trying to maximize your growing space. If you are using the N.F.T. method, one key thing to remember the more plants you have in your "line" like if you were using a "gutter" drain method. After the water passes over the roots of so many plants in the "line", the oxygen level will deplete due to the first plants in line absorbing the oxygen. Not a real big deal if you only have 10 or 15 plants. If you have like 25 plus for example, you may want to consider aerating your nurtient solution with an airstone. It will help make sure that all of your plants recieve plenty of oxygenated water/nutrient solution.

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Thanks for the info guys, much appreciated


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