koi pond leaks and Rubberize-It

bjdbjdJanuary 25, 2014

My 20 year old 1000 gallon koi pond began to leak pretty seriously. It was built with the standard heavy liner that was then covered with a thin mortar coat to provide a smooth surface. To find the leak would require tearing up the mortar which would probably ruin the liner.
I found a product called "Rubberize-It", which is a liquid, water-based, rubber safe for potable water and koi ponds!

I followed all the directions given by the very helpful people at Rubberize-It. despite my best eforts it turned into a huge disaster as the rubber soon began to detach from the mortar leaving really ugly pieces stuck on and pieces flapping around.

Now I guess I will have to do it right and tear it all down to the liner and redo it from ground up as I should have done originally . My advice is don't waste your money on Rubberize-It or other wishful thinking repairs.

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Thanks for the advice

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