Koi Pox???

gerinaJanuary 25, 2012

I believe that one of my fish kids has Koi Pox. It certainly looks like it from what I have seen on some websites. I have read conflicting statements about it. It's a herpes virus, so it's obviously contagious. I read on one site that many fish are immune to it. Is this true? Does anyone know or have first hand experience with this? I would hate to see the rest of the gang get this but I also don't want to destroy this guy because I am quite fond of him. I also imagine that they have already been exposed anyway, so it's probably a moot point.

Also, I've had these guys four and five years. I got them in a couple of different batches when they were just an inch long. Would this fish have had the virus since I have had him? If not, how else would my pal have contracted this disease?

Thanks, Geri.

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akaj9(9 Central Florida)

Oh gosh....don't destroy him...Koi Pox is really just an ugly thing that shows up with the cooler water...A few of mine have it...I don't show or breed them so so damage...and it goes away once the water warms up...Of my 17 only maybe 3 or 4 show any signs and only when my water is at a certain temp...so unless you have "prize" koi worth many thousands or the potential of....I wouldn't kill him...It's like someone getting a cold sore...it comes and goes usually....an eye sore more than anything

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Thanks for the response. I don't have the heart to harm him and I was beginning to look at this issue as if it were a cold sore. We've had a lot of nice, sunny and warm days recently and he is looking much better already and he swims around like a happy camper. Can't ask for much better!

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hi, just new at Koi keeping and have recently observed some, what look like blisters around the face and tail. could this be Koi Pox as well?
As a general question can anyone advise (I've been advised on a lot of things and its things like salt in the colder months, etc), is there an additive that I should be adding, say yearly to my pond for the health of my Koi as a precautionary measure?

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To Helmut07: You've probably read this before but it cannot be overstated. As far as assuring good health for your Koi, the most important thing you can do for your Koi is to keep excellent water quality. I've had Koi for about 12 years now and remember when I started I'd read everything I could get my hands on regarding testing water, adding salt, using barley to keep the algae down etc. I started questioning whether I should have gotten into Koi at all. To get to my point, I haven't had a sick fish or water quality issue in over 10 years. I haven't added anything to the water in over 10 years. My water stays clear year round. I haven't cleaned my pond in over 10 years. Does this sound good? My maintenance consists of daily filter cleaning which takes about 10 minutes. I could skip a few days but I'm retired and enjoy taking care of the fish. The key elements of my Koi pond are one bottom drain and one skimmer gravity feeding to a mechanical filter (large plastic cooler with matala mat filters). From there it gravity feeds to a large upflow vortex filter through more matala mat filters. Then gravity feeds through a basket strainer to the pump then through a 40 watt UV light and up to a 150 gallon Skippy filter. The water flows out of the Skippy filter back to my pond. This probably sounds like a lot of hardware but once you have this in place the rewards are great. Cleaning the filters involves hosing off the matala mat in the first mechanical filter and opening the dump valve on the vortex filter for about 10 seconds, until the water runs clear. Each year during the winter I clean the vortex tank and the Skippy filter. Good luck with your Koi!

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