Diagnose leaf issues

m00shuSeptember 22, 2011

Hi All,

I'm about 5 weeks into my first aeroponics grow. Up until this point things have gone pretty smooth other than the appearance of some mold. Which I took care of pretty quickly.

The issue I'm having now, well, may or may not be an issue.

Check out these pictures:

"Loco" Chili Pepper

Chocolate Habanero

If you notice on each plant one leaf looks almost as if something is eating away at it. I'm also growing sweet chocolate, basil and tarragon in the same system and they do not exhibit this condition. Any ideas on what might be the problem here?

Also, on a side note. Is the reddish color on the stem a normal thing? Doesn't seem to be affecting anything just never seen it before.

My Setup:

8 gallon tote for plants

8 gallon tote for nutrient reservoir

1 water circulator

1 Air tube

1 water pump


Techniflora "Recipe for success"

Thanks for the help!

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hey buddy, hows it going? IME these symptoms that your peppers are showing are probably due to bugs. Thrips will cause this type of malformed growth. Look for microscopic size red/orange/white specs around the meristem growth. Usually they are tucked into the crevasses of new leaves and stems.

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Hey, things are going pretty good other than I snapped my habanero in half (doh).

Thanks for the input! I'll continue look into thrips being the issue. I'm a bit confused from what I've read so far though. Are these things so small I won't be able to distinguish them from a spec of dust? I have noticed small white dots or specs of dust on my plants but wrote it off as just dust.

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