New ponder, very shallow pocketbook

mrsjunqueFebruary 28, 2007

I've been reading some postings here and on other forums, and I've found everyone to be very informational!! So, that being said, I figured I'd take my situation to ya'll "experts". I have an approximately 200gal cattle trough that I use as my "pond". Due to old tree roots, my backyard isn't suitable for an inground pond, plus there is entirely too much heat and sun in the middle of summer. So, my trough sits under my bedroom window, which is nice for the soothing sound of the water. Here's my problem(s):

-I have 4 koi babies (well, more like teenagers by now-about 4-5" long) that we've had since last summer. I've been told that they will only grow as large as what contains them-is this true??? I'm afraid they'll grow too big for the trough, and I'll have to splurge big money on a new home for them!!

-I use a submersible pump inside of a housing with 2 layers of filtration media plus the little balls in the bottom. I have 1 water lilly, dwarf papyrus, corkscrew rush and 2 other water plants I can't name. However, every 3 months or so, I have to change out the water due to the sludge. Should I just get a sludge extractor?? Does it stress the fish when I change their water?? Or does it stress them to have yucky water??

I guess, bottom line is should I give up on the trough and suck it up and build a bigger pond with better filtration?? It's tough dealing with filtration issues in the hot summertime, and I don't want my fish to outgrow their home.

All help is greatly appreciated!! Thank you!!

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I am also a new pond owner. I have a 100 preformed pond on my patio with block stacked around it. I have 6 4" koi in my pond, Its only been set up about a week and I would love to hear some of the answers to your questions.

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Koi will adapt to thier surroundings including the size of thier pond. Unfortunatly you will not see your Koi get as large as they can due to the size of your pond, but you don't need to worry about them outgrowing thier container. I would not recommend anymore fish though! You may be overstocked now. The heat there makes it tough to keep clear water. Sounds like you may need a better filter if you are having a bunch of sludge. Is your housing inside the trough or outside? Is the sludge settling on the bottom or is it mixed with your water? Your main concern is water clarity. If your water is clear your fish should be ok. Try some more cover if the water is murky. SOme floaters or another iris or even an umbrella placed to give some partial shade should help. If you have a picture I could get a better idea of what you need. Good luck!

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