show off - the swan

uroboros5(Z5 Quebec)August 12, 2008

I just bought H. paniculata 'The Swan' and though a big plant already, if a little gangly. I hear that it becomes more handsome with age, but I googled for pictures and I don't believe I'm seeing any mature ones.

If you have this Hydrangea, what does it look like in your garden? And I'd loooooooooove to see pictures.

Thanks ahead!

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I have a first year one but it is still an ugly duckling.

If you googled I'm sure you found it, but this one looks fairly good sized...

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uroboros5(Z5 Quebec)

How did I miss that one????????

This below is mine:

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uroboros5(Z5 Quebec)

I'm very disappointed with the plant habit and foliage.


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The plants I have seen have terrific, unique flowers. Unfortunately, H. paniculatas are ugly plants out of bloom.

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sue36(Z5 Maine)

I purchased mine from Bluestone Perennials last year, so it was tiny, tiny. Here is a picture of it taken recently. Still small, but blooming nicely. Please ignore all the weeds under the porch, we need to put down fabric and stones.

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