LA water or not????

kwyet1(z6 CT)May 22, 2009


I ordered an LA Iris 'Anne Chowning'...I planted it immediately in a large pot and placed it where all my other Irises are growing like crazy. It did not grow...then, I had to go away for 9 days and 'hearing' that LA's like water, I put the pot on a ledge in my small pond so that it wouldn't dry out...STILL no evidence of growth. When I try to 'lift' it with my fingers, there is slight I am hesitant to pull it up. It has been 4-6 weeks. How long should I wait?? What are the best growing conditions for the LA's?? Water or not???



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kwyet1 I have them growing in water around our stock pond and alsoin my yard only difference ones in yard bloom later.I would pull it up and check to see if it has roots after 4-6wk

thats along time.Maybe you could contact the one you bought it from.


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