A treat for the eyes

mctavish6June 2, 2012

I've just gotten permission from my Sister to post some pictures of her wonderful garden. I have helped her work on it for the last several years in the spring. There is always a lot of moving around to do since her plants grow like weeds. She is, and has been, out of room but that doesn't stop her. This year she did concentrate on smalls and mini's for the most part. We are always trying to find ways to fit more in (hope UK-hostaman is not feeling alone in this).

Phil commented recently that where I live (view shots thread) must be the best place to grow hostas. Actually I don't think it is. I think the Pacific North West must be the best. The winter and spring can be fickle here and I've lost many that have been in pots no matter what I seem to do. I don't think my sister has ever lost any in pots at all. What a relief that would be.

Enjoy the garden.

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hosta_freak(z6 NC)

Skowdie wow dow!! Is that you in the pic,or your sister? I think you may be right since it rains a lot in Washington state on the coast,and Oregon. The plants seem to like it there. Phil

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I love it...all of it. Wow!

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I wish I could say yes but no, that's my very pretty 'little' sister. She's 5'10" and I'm 5' 2.5". I feel ripped off!

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Very nice and cuts down on the mowing time as well.


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gardenfanatic(MO zone5b)

Beautiful! I'm thinking about starting a pot garden, so this was a timely post for me to see some pics of how it's done.

Very cool that you and your sister share the hosta hobby!


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Gesila(MI Z5)

I think I just found Hosta Heaven! Spectacular!!!!


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Steve Massachusetts Zone 5b

Very impressive indeed. Similar to UK's in many ways. Not just the pots, but the rain, climate and latitude must be similar.


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OOH nice!! Beautiful garden, I hope someday my garden is half as nice!

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Beautiful. I just started working with Hostas last couple years. My yard does not have much shade so my experience has been mostly with sun gardens. And these pictures are very inspirational! Thanks for sharing!


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Amazingly beautiful. Now I am sorry I posted my photos of my puny garden. I hope in the near future mine will look 1/4 as beautiful as hers. I am going to attempt one potted Hosta and see how it goes. Thanks to your sister for allowing the posting.

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Stunning, mctavish. I guess the green thumb runs in the family...those hostas definitely look happy!

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leafwatcher(zone 5)

So many things to FIND in the pictures.. What is that MONSTER by the back door?

Yowsa !

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Like Leafwatcher, I was bug eyed looking at the huge hosta by the back door. Outstanding!

Well, if you have silver hair like your sister, you were not short changed too much. My bro and I have hair alike, and we got it from our grandfather...runs in families I think.

Sure have missed your pictures and inspirational posts. Your plants always perfect, and good to see your sister's plants AND the whole garden are awesome as well.

Somehow I get the feeling that the Pacific NW makes hosta feel right at home, like in Asia where they come from. Sure was impressed on my one trip out there by the mega ferns and damp prolific woodland areas always fecund with plant life. Yes, I can see how hosta love it there.

I'll be paying attention to these photos, hope you keep them in your Flickr account for a while, so I can study the containers and arrangements. I like the fact she does not regiment things with all pots have to be alike. I see no reason for all alike, unless you wish a formal row and then heaven help the little hosta that tries to grow an extra leaf and mess up the symmetry. Love reckless abandon myself.

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jan_on zone 5b

Wow! I can see why your sister would appreciate your assistance with this project! How lucky for you to have a sis who shares your passion. (By the way, when you're short it's a lot easier to reach the weeds!)
Thanks to both of you for sharing the great pictures. Wouldn't she like to join us here on the forum and share her garden regularly?

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Linda's Garden z6 Utah

Very beautiful! I love hosta in pots and have grown a few in pots for several years without any problems. After seeing your pictures and UK hostaman's pictures, I am going to plant some more in pots! Ceramic Blue pots are my fav and I have bunch of them. Your pictures gave me some ideas! Thanks a bunch!


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cyn427 (zone 7)

McTavish, ...what they all said! What a wonderful garden! Also love the color scheme of your sister's house-just like mine! Oh and I feel your pain. How nice it would be to be tall-I am 5'3". ;)

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It seems like I am always one of the last to respond. But I am a total fan of yours.

There is simply too much beauty in your pictures for me to find words for. So for once, Les has little, or less, to say.


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Absolutely stunning! Oh what it would be like to sit out on that deck and eat dinner! Or to have your morning coffee or tea there! Breath taking! Thank you for sharing!

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Thank you all so much for the kind comments about my sisters garden. She is really touched by the enthusiasm and compliments. It is very timely right now and she so appreciates it.

to answer some questions:

Paul, yes there is no grass. I had her get rid of all grass, front and backyard years ago. More room for hostas and it was full of moss most of the time anyway.

Deanna we do feel very blessed that we share this passion. It's just too bad she's a days travel away. We'd like to stop over at each others houses several times a week and check on the growth.

leafwatcher, There are two huge one's by the two back doors to the deck. One is Beauty Substance. That was posted on Vase Shaped Hostas along with a close up of the leaf size. It is truly enormous. The other is Dream Weaver which is also huge. She's had that one longer. It stays blue and looks georgeous right until fall. I think that soon those two are going to walk right into the house and take over the kitchen and dining room.

Moccasinlanding, no, unfortunately I don't have silver hair. I don't even have grey hair though I'm two years older. Now that I'm older it just looks like I dye my hair which I don't do - weird. I will be putting more of her pictures on my Flicker account. Neither of us are into anything formal in the garden. The big blue ceramic pots in the front yard were bought last spring at a wonderful price on Craigs List. We will use anything to plant in. You can barely see but in the front yard we used blue rubbermade type storage bins. They are large and a lot less expensive than actual plant pots. We had done this before in the backyard with light greenish ones. I think you can see those in the backyard pictures that show the ramp off the deck.

Jan, she might be interested in joining the forum at some point but she's got too much going on right now. She and her hubby own 2 businesses and she works part time in the office. She is not interested in spending much time on the computer when she's at home.

Linda, glad you like the pots. Your zone of 6 should be much safer with pots than mine is at 4/5. I've lost too many in a bad year not to be paranoid about it.

Again, thanks everyone, Myrle

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hosta_freak(z6 NC)

Correct me if I'm wrong Myrle,but don't you live in British Columbia? And,isn't BC considered to be the Pacific northwest? Duh!! Phil

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Ditto hostaLes and hosta freak. The beauty just freezes up my fingers.

I brought a h. Liberty through Winter here in SE Michigan in a whisky barrel but don't know if I will be that lucky again.

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I hope you're sharing our comments with your sis. And a huge thank you to her for allowing you to share them. (even tho all I could come up with is DEAR LORD!)

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Again, thank you all so much for your enthusiasm. I talked to my sister this morning and she's read the comments. She says she feels like a 'princess'!

If ever we weren't so busy when I was at her house I'd get her on the forum herself. Maybe that will happen. Meanwhile I'll post more of her pictures as I get them.

Hey Phil, Yes, I'm in BC but I'm 300 miles inland from the coast and in between two mountain ranges. Our elevation is 1100 ft. The Interior (?) Columbia (?) mountains on the west of us and the Monashee and Selkirk to the east of us. It is about 300 miles from here in the other direction to Calgary, Alberta which is past the Rockies.

The coast, Vancouver, Victoria, Seattle etc. is zone 8 or so. We are considered 5 or 6 but that's optomistic in my opinion. I call myself 4/5 because of the tender plants I've lost over the years that will usually grow in zone 5 successfully.

We are roughly north of Spokane, and are in the same general modified desert like valley. It is very different here than on the coast.

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A treat is right, and I've gone back a couple of times to look. I'm very appreciative of the container mix in these photos. The companion plants grow exuberantly all around the big hosta containers, yet the containers accent the spaces.
Lots of ideas here. Lots of beauty here. Personality.Life.

Many thanks.

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Georgious! I'm not sure how I missed this thread but Judy's garden is as beautiful as yours is Myrle. I am very privileged to have such friends and fellow hosta lovers. Will be nice to see her again soon

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Wow... I'm glad this post came back around... I missed it as well... its like woah...

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I really did enjoy those lush pics, mucho danke!


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idiothe(4 MN)

my compliments as well! Thanks for sharing!

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My sort of garden...thanks for sharing

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It occurs to me that I should show these photos to my DH. I might point out to him that of course I do not have too many hosta. Just look ....we must have MORE to get this kind of look to our garden.

Such a treat. In the first photo I noticed this time how many scapes that plant in the lower left corner has. Until I noticed this, I was content with one scape--now I will ask my hosta what's the problem........get busy..

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whats the big green one with the narrow edge next to sum and substance in photo 2 and 3?

moccasinlanding..i think the 'scapes' you are refering to are from a clematis about to flower

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I was blessed with two of her beauitful hosta slips this early summer. Cutting Edge and Parky's Pride(Prize)I see a few more Ican't live without... hint hint! ha ha

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That is Leading Lady UK-hostaman. It is trying to swallow Blue Angel behind it and that is Sea Fire beside it, not S&S, also a MONSTER as are so many of her plants.

Faye, I guess you're going to have to forgo Arizona this winter and just go down to Judy's with me!

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Ha ha Myrle.. I wonder how many in the MH will we be able to stash . May not like that at the Canadian border though and take them away.lol

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bernd ny zone5

My compliments, all those pots with hostas, all those planted hostas, and you have that nice view of a lake, plus you have wet weather from the Pacific, that is a gardener's paradise. Thanks! Bernd

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I cant say anything that no one has said already. But I would like to know what method she use to water all these plants?

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Bernd, These pictures are from my sisters garden north of Seattle in Washington. That is zone 8 I think. She does have one of the best climates for Hostas to grow with all the rain, mild winters etc. She can leave all these plants in pots and never worry about them. My gardens, with the lake view, is entirely different. It's zone 4/5 in the interior of BC, Canada. We are roughly north of Spokane in Eastern Washington. The climate is hot and usually dry in the summer (thought very humid this year) and a long cold winter. I still grow in pots but have tried to have them be duplicates and to store them in a dry place in order to avoid rot in the spring. I usually loose a couple in pots in the winter but one year the count was over 60 so I'm pretty cautious about it.

She does have a timed watering system in place although, if anything, we've discovered she may be watering too much.

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