Koi Ponds in New England

curromastiniMarch 10, 2007

Hi everyone,Im in N.H.and am looking for Koi in the New England area. Are there members in N.H. or Ma. or RI or Maine which have surplus Koi for sale? I'd rather pick them up instead of having them shipped.

Thank You

Peter 603-773-2164

e-mail Curromastini@aol.com

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Proctor's in Lunenburg MA has them fairly cheap.
390 Electric Avenue
Lunenburg, MA 01462

Also Mahoney's in Winchester. Not sure on other Mahoney's locations.

The fish usually come in later in the spring, I've had good success with purchases from both locations.

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pigpenpond(z5 Ma)

I actually just bought a couple of beautiful koi from Powell's which has locations in Winchendon & Lunenburg, Ma.
Website: Powellstone.com

Where are you from Squinn?

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We bought a house in MA with a pond 3 years ago (North Shore outside of Boston). We are testing regularly and keeping a healthy environment, but doing the math, we know that the pond is overstocked. So we'll be looking for a new home for 3 koi this summer. They are black/deep purple, about 8 inches from nose to tail base. All of our fish seem healthy & active--koi wake up from hibernation like clockwork the 3rd week of April--only one loss in 3 yrs, to a predator. I hear expert pond-keepers are leery of taking on new fish not raised by dealers, but maybe you can quarantine & it'll work for you.

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myonlysunshine(z5 ma)

wow,I'm glad I popped in here.I too have been looking for koi in Mass and was not sure where to look.I'll have to check out the places mentioned since they're not too far from me :)

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wfg97079(zone 6)

wherein mass is everyone?

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nyrangerslmb(z5 NH)

I'm not a member, but have been to a few of their shows, check out this link http://www.pioneervalleypondclub.com/.

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I am moving and have 2 koi which I will need to sell they have been kept inside for a year now (was going to build the pond this yr but plans changed)...They are approximately 12", healthy well fed and active, one is a butterfly koi the other is a standard koi both are grade AA originally bought as fingerlings at Tropic Isle aquarium. If you are interested please email me, I can provide pictures to anyone who is serious about buying.

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FREE KOI * I live in North Reading, MA and I have an est. 30-40 koi that range in size from 3-5 inches, some are larger though. They are domestic koi and are very healthy. I gave away a dozen huge ones the year before last, but not before they managed to spawn and now I need to give away the rest as my pond is too small for so many. They are all very healthy and I only want them to go to a good home. If you are interested and/or know someone that may be and is willing to pick them up; they are free. I would prefer that all be taken at once if possible. Please let me know - kindly e-mail reply.

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